Where should I host my next event. (NEW NARROWED DOWN POLL) Be sure to vote for the new poll!

I will be making a new poll in a little

Here’s the new poll with the narrowed down choices. Make sure to vote on this poll even if you voted on the last one. Thank you so much for getting 89 voters IFC!

  • Frankfurt Germany EDDF
  • New York City New York KJFK
  • Austin Texas KAUS
  • Hebron Kentucky KCVG

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The poll will close on Wednesday at 2500Z

Whats 2500Z

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This time should automatically change to your time zone

Cmon people vote kcvg it is a beautiful airport and fun to fly around

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One more day to vote

There had been a cvg event recently tho

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@anon45500775 I work there what went wrong

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Cmon let’s get a KJFK event

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No I mean by we recently had a CVG event so it’s not really exciting to have the same airport as an event again

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A little under 5 hours left to vote

2 more hours to vote!

Austin’s the best, vote vote me vote

Poll is closed!

Thank you everyone for voting and it looks like my next event will be in Frankfurt. I will have the event out in a few days. I will post I link to it on this thread. Look out for it!!!

As an Aggie I am proud to say Austin lost

I’m an Aggie in Austin, so think.

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Here’s the event if you would like to join

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