Where should I hold my next event?

HeyπŸ‘ guys!πŸ‘ I am holding a huge flyout event, and I have narrowed down the choices down to six. This is too hard of a choice for me, so I am going to let you guys decide this one. Vote below!

  • KEWR (Newark Liberty International Airport)
  • KSAN (San Diego International Airport)
  • KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport)
  • EGKK (London Gatwick International Airport)
  • TNCM (Princess Juliana Saint Maarten International Airport)
  • VHHH (Hong Kong International Airport)

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Hope to see you guys at the event!

-Ty πŸ˜‰

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Would be awesome seeing an event using EGKK and easyJet 😍


I agree! This would be a realistic event, with a lot of aircraft parked throughout the airport, all headed to different destinations! I hope to see you there!

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I just removed the server poll. I did this because I knew if we held the event on TS1, or Casual, there would be too much interference.

TNCM is to small for large,scale event. It could barely Handel being featured as a ATC airport

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San Diego would be nice. Haven’t seen a fly-out there in a long time but only downside is they only have 1 runway


Very intreasting choice of airports

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I’m making a diff vote u shld consider LGA

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It’s time to show PHX some traffic

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Hong Kong gang!

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Okay, guys! I will close the poll once there are fifty voters, so put in your votes now!!!

Edit: Seems like nobody has voted, so the winner is…

KPHX! (Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport!)

I will design the thread now. Hope to see you at the event!

-Ty πŸ˜‰

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