Where should I go to plane spot?

So after looking on the internet all night, I found 4 airports that are good for spotting. [poll]

  • DFW
  • DCA
  • IAD
  • FLL
    If you would like me to go to another airport, you can comment below. I did this off of price of tickets, spotting locations, and variety of airlines.
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ORD and SFO has some good spots to spot.

I think Dallas/Fort Worth has more variety of airlines and planes.

Can’t speak for the other AP’s but KFLL is a wonderful place to spot.
I go there fairly often when my work sends me there.
Runways 10L and 10R are most often used unless wind dictates
differently. There is a great parking lot just on the South side of 10R at right about the threshold.
( spot #2 referenced here : Fort Lauderdale Intl. Airport Spotting Guide - spotterguide.net )
As mentioned, they usually have a load speaker playing ATC as well.
The traffic is fairly constant both arrivals and departures.

I would suggest Miami. There is such a diverse amount of traffic there. Think about it: Almost all domestic carriers fly there, Caribbean and South American airlines, as well as European airlines, private/GA aircraft, and multiple air cargo companies, not to mention all types of aircraft!

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SEA has some special spotting views

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