Where should I go next? LaDrilhz TBM World Tour

Since this stylish tiny aircraft has been released I enjoy flying around with it.
Really appreciated the “Around the World Tour” initiative. Since it is on pause for the moment and as the legs are quite extensive, I took the liberty to start my own.

Legs Flown

I started in Newcastle (Australia) where I had great memories when I spent time there as a teenager.
Then headed to New Zealand and now exploring some Pacific islands.


Current Location

NSTU - Pago Pago Intl in the Samoan Islands

The aim of this thread is to make you participate in this trip and help me decide where I should go next.
I’ll be happy to have a few of you fly some legs with me as well :)

Today, I find myself in the middle of the South Pacific, with 3 options I consider (my point is just to avoid low definition scenery, hence South America is not somethng I’d favour).

  • Head back to Australia (Northern and Central part)
  • Fly North East up to Central America
  • Fly North West up to Japan

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I’d be happy to follow your advice!


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