Where should I go from here [Closed]

So right now I’m at a standstill of where Ian Gould fly so I have basically flown the entire USA from KLAX-KJFK KEWR-KTPA KTPA-KSTL KATL-KMCI KMCI-KABQ KABQ-KSAN And here is the last one KSAN-KOAK so I’m at a standstill vote for which one I should do and which one has the best views but if you vote for me to fly to PHNL then I will continue to fly to Japan For atc and keep on flying from there so here are the options

    1. Fly out east and continue to fly any other airline or southwest across America
    1. Fly to Honolulu and fly to Japan from there

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Thanks for looking at this post and thanks for helping me make a decision

Honolulu. I would go to Honolulu

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Then vote for it

I would fly to PHOG instead depending on what plane your flying. About same distance and also in Hawaii


Ill be flying the B738

The 738 flys out of there. I actually was just in a 738 at that airport :)

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@TheFlyingGuy1 at KOAK was your gamer tag Mark LaPlante

And on another note it looks like Flying to Honolulu is the winner guess I will be doing that flight or to PHOG then to PHNL

No it wasn’t. Mine is always IFC-TheFlyingGuy1
And Callsign is always N12604

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I would take a stop at San Antonio and then go south into Mexico and continue down into Brazil. But please note doing this will get you bad scenery in Brazil and other parts of South America.

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Yeah the scenery isn’t all that great but the poll chose Honolulu

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