Where should I fly with the FedEx 208?

Sorry if this is “off topic” but I want to do a realistic FedEx 208 flight in one of the regions we have (because I am a not a global tester :( ) I want to be more realistic in my IF play style so I need help with this (sorry if this is off topic again)

Hey :)

Check out #tutorials for improving your flying skills, Flightradar24 might help you with realistic C208 routes ;)


I have checked there but there are no flights that don’t go out of regions or are not even in a region!

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The Caribbean Region just doing island hops is what i usually do!

Another good one is SoFlo (Anywhere) or SoCal (Northern Airports)


KSWF-KWRI seems kind of realistic ;).

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In real life Fedex does in Caribbean: SJU - SXM - Other Islands

Ill check on those other 2 that i gave you

SJU is not included in the Caribbean region.

Yeah. So do


Real Routes ^

(Tap on map to enlarge)

Choose a route within regions from above map (it is all of the Fedex USA 208 routes). Spawn the plane at the GA cargo gates. Some might be labeled Fedex.


PHNL-PHJH…let me know if you need the real world route


Nice! There’s plenty of realistic options for IF.

I think I have seen some FedEx C208s in Ontario (KONT)…

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Ahh yes. I love flying the Fedex C208. I usually simulate Island Hopping with the real routes listed above. The Fedex C208 is actually what I fly most, we should do a Fedex C208 fly-together. Anyways occasionally I will simulate what the Feeders typically do, fly from very, very, small regional airports with cargo gates into the big city airports. That’s what the term “Fedex Feeder” means, they feed the packages into the big city and out.

My callsign is N948AT if you ever want to fly, for more details PM me


Albany international airport in New York services the 208. Sadly we don’t have this airport in the ny region :(. I have seen the 208 at KSNA before, it prob. Goes to KPSP but I have absolutely no idea it’s destination airport.

I use the the FedEx 208 a lot. I do flights to more rural airports simulate how cargo gets to those areas without a truck. Small airports is where I say you should fly it.

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