"Where should I fly" topics

Hello Community. I have seen very many topics about “where should I fly” and/or “suggested routes”. No offense to those who made these.

Today, I am here to address this.

While these topics are not “wrong” or “against the rules”, but they can be avoided and these topics can clog the forum.

Many of you know this, and to those who don’t, there are many other ways to find routes.

Examples: You can go to this thread: Suggested Routes | 2019
You can also go to FPLtoIF and generate random flight plans.
Another thing you can do is ask friends and family what they think.
To remember these links, you can use the bookmark feature. thank you @Qantas094 for stating that.

This is mostly for newer users who don’t quite know the forum yet, but it can be a refresher to those who need to too.

I don’t believe this is a duplicate, but if it is, please flag it so the mods/staff can get rid of it.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps those who need it.


Or you could just bookmark FPLtoIF and the thread of the suggested routes.


Check FPLtoIF and or the route suggestion thread posted on the first post. This topic is not for requesting of routes to fly but a reminder.

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I couldn’t agree more with this post. Why would you let other people choose your flights for you? Infinite Flight let’s you fly all over the globe, so use it to your advantage. If you have a certain amount of time to do a flight, don’t let other people choose where you fly. And don’t require yourself to flying into huge hubs or featured airports. Although they might be popular and filled with traffic, doesn’t it get boring after a while? Instead, find a small, unheard of airport in an area you rarely fly in, and use FPLtoIF.com to find a flight within your time limit. Whatever airports you like to fly to, fly to them! But don’t ask others where to fly, figure it out yourself and you will appreciate the flight much more.


I always have a particular arrival or departure airport, along with a flight duration depending on my schedule. Then i’ll let FPLtoIF do the rest! They never disappoint!

Plus my wife always gives great SWA routes as a former employee! 😂

I’ll start checking out the suggested routes posts for even more ideas!

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