Where should i fly to in IF i will do it no suggestions or recommend just tell me

where should i fly to in IF i will do it

Oh, lemme find a flight

no like different

Long haul or medium haul or short haul ?

idk any of them

This has a good amount of interesting routes.

Otherwise, you can snoop around flightconnections.com for a bit, you can find some inspiration and routes you didnt know exist.

u sure? bc no suggestions or anything just tell me

If you want personal preference, Dubai to Bishkek, flyDubai 737.

Ultra Long Haul: YSSY - EGLL

Long Haul: KDEN - RJAA

Medium Haul: LSZH - HECA

Short Haul: KSAN - KLAX

Ultra Short Haul: KCOS - KDEN

You also can see the recommended flights like this:

guys like give me one route not like 20 of them

You get five different routes from me, why one single route?

How about you go and check out some route databases! They have some spectacular routes. Alos be chary about which you pick.

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Its one of my topics, you might find something in there.

Just look at FR24 and find a random flight to your interest. haha. Much easier then creating a topic here :)

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Singapore to Quito using an American Eagle CRJ-200. Good luck and have fun.


If you want something to just “tell you” what to fly, I recommend FPLtoIF.com . It has a random flight generator that will tell you everything you need to know.

Cheers :)

PHL-ORD AA738 TWA Retro.

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