Where should I fly to get good shots for a cinematic?

Hey guys!
I am going to attempt a cinematic. I have not flown the world yet, so I wanted to know if you guys knew any stunning areas that I should capture for the video. If you could say what airport is in/near that region.

Also: If anyone could tell me how to get the amazing moon shots. :)


Try an approach at TNCM. Theres another place that has a stunning approach that I can’t remember the name of, Ill get back to you on that.

KJAC was stunning! (Jackson Hole, Wyoming). The airport is completely surrounded by mountains.

I would also bet Anchorage (or really anywhere in Alaska below 60 degrees latitude) would be nice.


Tivat! That view is absolutely beautiful!

(Make sure you approach on runway 14 if you are doing solo, unless you want to spawn inside a mountain ;)

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Probably innsbruck as you approach through the mountains which are mostly covered in snow

Hey Man!!

Have a look there, you might find some flights you like ;-)

Happy Landings!!

I flew down to KMLF (some random regional airport in the Utah desert) yesterday.

It looked awesome

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Anywhere with snow-capped mountains

try around Mount, Everest, I’ve flown there with a 787 and got some amazing shots!!

Seattle area is a great option.

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Also, try out the Bahamas or the Maldives (VRMM) - the water is amazing!

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Airport (UHPP). It’s surrounded by mountains, and they are really something to see, especially after crossing over a little bit of ice-filled Siberia. :)aeroflot_Il-96-300


I would recommend doing KSLC-KABQ and fly towards KGCN (Grand Canyon along with amazing scenery in Utah to beautiful Albuquerque!! Then you can say that you’ve flown in 3 states :)

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I loved the coast of Sydney, Australia and Auckland, NZ… amazing scenery !

NTAA with either a B787 (Air Tahiti Nui) or a C208. Its an amazing island

But that island is not covered in the HD scenery areas. I spawned at Bora Bora and looks awful. I also flew to Fiji and it was the same.

Approach into queenstown, Ill PM you the approach route I used later today, set it to sunset and you’ll get some great results. HD scenery and snow topped peaks

Hawaii I did a flight from PHNL to PKOA and it was amazing

Kabul, you get good view of mountains ;)

The alps look great with some low level fog.