Where should i fly for an event

Hi I wanted to ask people for recommendations for my first event from a flight time from 1hr to 2hr preferably in Europe. and would also like to know if there are any templates I can use for creating it

Haven’t seen a Rome (LIRF) fly-out yet I don’t think.

that would be nice

Barcelona would be another nice scenery one

I have decided on LIRF to LEBL is there any templates I can follow

I mean you can create your own template. Maybe look at other events and see how other formatted theirs. Make sure you don’t steal their own idea though.

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ok thanks will look at some now

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I’ve never seen flyout from africa, any country you choose will be great, lol

How about Heathrow to Edinburgh

An old Air Berlin route perhaps?

EGBB - EDDV in an A319?

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