Where should I fly Elon Musk?

All for his vacation:

  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Sint Maarten
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not berlin please i want him to be as far away from me as possible


The surface of Venus


Is there a “Fly out of the ice wall in Antarctica to see others human beings” option? (Joke). I will chose the most popular.


Can’t go wrong with Uranus

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Cybertruck roadtrip

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As Elon Musk is obsessed with the economics of rocket launches, he wants you to fly to the location where you can achieve orbit with the least amount of energy burn from launch.

Least energy burn to achieve orbit is where you get the highest starting speed around the earth.

Since at the poles you have no starting speed, and as you move toward the equator you get more and more of the earth’s rotational speed as your starting speed, you want to be as close to the equator as possible.

So, you want the lowest latitude number possible:

Saint Martin: 18.04°N
Shanghai: 31.23°N4
Beijing: 39.91°N3
Paris: 48.86°N2
Berlin: 52.52°N1

@Madison it looks like you’re safe. Berlin is the least desirable launch location.


Don’t worry @Madison , it’s Sint Maarten but next, i will fly Elon to Berlin because of his Tesla Giga Factory there .

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damn it


Too bad, so sad.

What do you mean by that?

Lets be real. Elon musk would want you to fly to Olympus Mons.

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