Where should I do my next flyout Event - Cancelled

Hello, dear community, I am wondering where I should do my next event, so I will give you guys the option to vote. You have 24 hours to vote

  • PHNL
  • LFPG
  • EHAM
  • LIRF
  • KJFK
  • WMKK
  • YPPH

0 voters

Yes, that would have my vote

Oh actually never mind, I cannot change anything 5 minutes after I created the Poll

After 3 hours, PHNL is in the lead !

24 hours left to vote !

Please please do training server to give an opertunity for grade 2 to participate (aka me) please!

You copied me. i am already planning a fly out of PHNL.

So I will close it if you want and not do my event at PHNL. Sorry 😐

Thats ok. I would love to take part in your event. Maybe u can take part in mine if u want.

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