Where Should I Control? (Week 1)

Hey, I thought I would make this topic. Basically I create a poll for a couple of options on airports to control and then you vote.
I will then control these airports to practice for IFATC and get feedback.
Will be controlling at 19:00Z tonight!

  • YSSY - Sydney
  • KCMH - Port Columbus
  • EGPF - Glasgow

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Hope to see you there tonight @1900Z, on Training Server 1. Please PM me feedback afterwards.
Also, the winning airport will be announced at 10:00Z time today!

Hey! I suggest that you just make the poll in your ATC Thread next time to keep it all organized and in the same place.

Then pilots can continue to go to your Sessions and see all the information in one thread.


Yes that is a good idea, but this is kind of like an event for people to come and fly at an airport they vote for.

The winning airport is YSSY - SYDNEY! Come by at 19:00Z and fly some patterns and please if you have some time give me some feedback. Will announce on here when open.

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