Where’s my Vertical Speed?

Hello again!

I intentionally made my title as attractive as possible so people can notice it and possibly click on it so they may also know about this sort of “thing” I have been experiencing with my Vertical Speed. I have been an IF user for a long time and I wish to present my issue in the form of a story

“Long before one could turn of engines and circumnavigate the globe, there were regions and odd planes ranging from CRJs to 787s. A simpler time in which IF was simple and fun, some may even call it a “game”. This feller speaking loved to replay his landings and carefully observe his Veritcal Speed the moment he touched down. He used this to determine whether he buttered some bread or caused certain passengers sever injuries. Then came a long awaited update…GLOBAL. The boy was excited to explore the worl, shut off engines, and fly for 24 hours straight without sleeping! One fateful day, he discovered something that caused great dissatisfaction. His beloved Vertical Speed would still show, but with only one number and having no real time relation with the actual landing. The boy was greatly saddened by this as he could not judge himself for a bad or good landing.”

My question is the following:
What happened to the real time Vertical Speed indicator when on replay mode?! I used this feature a lot and greatly miss it. I remember it disappeared in the global update.


I also couldn’t seem to find it on Solo replay. I assume that this is something that was removed with global, but I don’t remember it. I would love to see feature added back in the future though. :-)

If that’s what happens it simply went un noticed during testing we will try and get it in the next one.


I intentionally fixed it because it wasn’t necessary. A simple question mark is all that is needed. 😉


I can’t believe I actually forgot to put a question mark as well…

I didn’t see it either. I’m not sure what happened.Is he lost? 🤨

Solo replay has had bugs for a few versions now and its something that both the developers, beta testers and users eventually want resolved.

I’ll just echo what Brandon said, its likely that it was overlooked during the last beta testing session. With that being said, it is something that we will keep an eye out for in the next testing session. Thanks for the heads up.