Where’s captain JR these days

Haven’t seen the captain around lately am I missing something?
Can’t even find on IFC

Who’s captain JR?

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@Captain_JR the people miss you!


@Captain_JR I have, he literally posted 4 hours ago.

Here’s his post.


He’s probably in an African dungeon being held ransom.

Or he’s just living life.

The latter is more likely though 🤷🏼‍♂️


Oh whoops didn’t see that lol
Anyway he’s still alive that means 😂


It’s 2am and I should be asleep by now. Jesus Ill be late to school again, eh whatever, still gotta wait for my friend at the train station either way sooo meh… she is always late as well, hence us being best buddies, Oh and I need to buy Coffee for us both too… I should go to sleep instead… for now… 🤷‍♂️


^ Well, he’s here now, everybody calm down, he has just narrowly escaped from the African dungeon (?)^

Don’t worry @Captain_JR, I’m awake most nights, it’s 1am for me and I stayed up until 3am last night planning a massive event 🙄. Only 15% completed.

Speaking of which, goodnight. 😂


I slept through all of Sunday and Monday was a breeze for me, got a pretty light schedule tomorrow. Going to some museum and yeah drinking, sipping, spilling tea, that is what I call a good life and Coffee too 😎

Anyways, I’m not dead or held hostages in Africa, Diamond if you wanna join me down south in Africa then sure take my spot and lastly, you guys might find me flying this weekend around US East Coast :)

That’s all for now, Good Night 💤


🤔 ?. I think you need your coffee mate 😂. I had a fish finger sandwich about an hour ago. Random, I am.


Yah, Coffee sounds good, I’ll buy two as usual. One for me and one for my friend… but that’s in the morning, 6hrs from now, Bye 😴


I’m currently in my last (3rd) year of High School. Pressure is high, I’m tired after school and so on, so forth. I have very little time after school or energy left. Though I’m taking it chill now, in a few weeks/months time I’ll be almost nowhere to be seen on IFC, exceeeept on a few events and such but nothing else or more than that. I’ll be back in action little by little in Spring/Summer 2020, hopefully, but as of now I’m very exhausted although having a blast, living life beter and happier than ever 🥳


I think you have turned this into a public PM.


Bye. Expect about 20 notifications and 3 PMs asking about your activity in the morning 😂


JR is living his student life, so no need to worry