Where is TWA?

I might be missing it but, I don’t think I see the iconic TWA livery? If I am, please tell me which airplane it is on. If it has not been included please tell me why. This is one of the main airlines that started it all. I also do not see it listed in the call sign list.

Thank you

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As of now the only TWA livery we have is the American TWA Heritage livery on the 737-800.

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you can request in Features

There is a retro American 737-800 with the TWA livery

Sadly there is no TWA callsign

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Thank you all

I’d suggest checking out the various Features topics for TWA liveries before making new ones.

I’m pretty sure there is one more I’m missing.

757 maybe, IK they had it, idk if it is a feature request yet

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