Where is this?

Does anyone know where this is? Looks beautiful but don’t know where it is

Photo from @Tyler_Shelton


Where did you get this photo from? May help figuring out where.

Also, as it is a Thomas Cook A321, I would guess somewhere in Europe.

I just found it on one of Tyler’s old posts

Looks to be somewhere hidden away in Turkey or Spain. Wouldn’t have a clue though without researching.

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Wow this place looks amazing…🤩

somewhere in [REDACTED]


Thought that was Vueling for a second not Thomas Cook lol

Anyway I don’t think that’s Spain, yes Spain is a quite high elevated country but not THAT much.
I don’t think that’s Italy either cause Italy is a narrow country and we don’t see any coastline in that pic.

My guess is the Balkan region, could be somewhere over Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia as I’m very well aware of what those countries look like


Yeah, beautiful terrain!


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Hmm… It looks like it’s South Eastern Europe or potentially Western Asia .

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my closest guess would be here

I’m going to guess northern Spain, quite a lot of mountains in that area.

Isnt there no 3D scenery up north?

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No 3D Terrain north of the 60 degree parallel.

My best guess here is Croatia, Bosnia, or Slovenia as they all have some navy blue looking lakes with mountainous terrain!

Correct, it goes flat about 10 miles south of Oslo. Cool 19 approach there, it’s like looking at the edge of the world.

I may or may have not found the location in Greece!


Winner winner chicken dinner.


Impulsive moment #67

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