Where is the Space Shuttle?

The space shuttle doesn’t fly at ALL lol.

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We had a Space Shuttle? Dang must have missed it. Maybe in my next life. Wait I have to get a life first!


We still have pan am liveries, don’t we? Lol

Frankly I don’t really care. Didn’t really make a single landing with it. I’m here to fly passenger aircraft, once in a while cargo planes or the Skyhawk, the shuttle was out of place for me all the time, thus I’m not sad it’s gone.

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And people wanted to keep the UPS A330 which never existed…

It was in the past fleet of UPS. Before computers and websites it was retired.

Never has been

The Airbus A330-200F was built during the age of the internet. Even if it was built before the age of the internet, its existence certainly would not have been forgotten. By that logic, we would not know that Delta Air Lines ever operated the DC-3.

You’ll notice if you even google UPS A330-200F, a healthy number of results are infinite flight, and the rest are either UPS aircraft, Airbus A330-200Fs that are not in the UPS livery, or random stuff that people pay google to show even if it is irrelevant.

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