Where is the solution button?

Uh I want to give someone a solution but I am not able to see the option. Where do u find it???

Solutions are only found in the #support category. I can see that you don’t have any threads in that category and therefore, you won’t be able to give solutions to any issues that you might be facing.

Can you send a screenshot as an example please??

As I do not have any active threads in the #support category, I can’t.

@AviatorYash here is an example

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I can’t see the tick button why???

Do you have any #support topics not yet closed?

The solution button is the check mark, but for me it’s a button that says solution

I dint get it meaning??

He means do you have any topics under the support category that are still active or not closed by a moderator yet

Yes but how do you close them

I just checked your topics, and you do not have any open #support topics (rather, none at all).

Ok got it but then why am I not getting the option??

Because the option is only avaliable in #support topics, and is only visible to the creator of the topic.


Ok thanks now how I close this topic??

Moderator or staff have the option to close it.

The rest of us just wait or ask for it to be closed and they’ll eventually close the topic

There you go thanks now bye!

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A moderator will close it soon.

Threads in #support are meant for issues that pertain to Infinite Flight and not regarding matters on the IFC like this. Meta posts like these go into the #meta category instead.