Where is the restriction?

I was about to start a flight on the Expert Server and I was looking for an airport. When I was passing KDEN-well, the picture says everything I could type here:
Where is the no heavies restriction for the area? Though it has been a long time since I have flown to the Denver area, actually last time was pre global so I probally missed something the restriction was until the year 9999 wow, no guarentees the sim will still exist, so unless a mod removed it for various reasons I think it should be there!
The photo was during the time I was looking for an airport through the map for the airport. Thanks!


Mine no longer shows too maybe they decided to remove it!

I don’t think they removed it, still shows on my phone. Is this in Solo?

Edit: Still shows in Solo


Confirming that it’s fine on my end too.



Restart IF and then look @Levet

Restart your device and try again.

Gone on my device

I was online when I looked at mine
Still shows the same

Try to Uninstall and Reinstall the App and see if it’s still missing.

I would like to know if this is a Support Topic or not, thanks :)

It is. Uninstalling IF wont do you any good as its for everyone (Who restarts the app)

If anyone wants to test it for us… Go on Expert in a B747 and try to land there :P


Should I change it to support then?

No, I won’t risk losing my grade 3 status :P

No as it may not be a support topic. This topic is just pointing it out.

Now if someone gets violations (Or whatever it gives you) for flying through it and there is no restriction then thats another story ;)

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Do you even know how the TFR worked in the first place?

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Doesn’t this happen all the time? The TFR’s around the place always come in and out of view depending on connection. It has being doing that since October 11

Sounds like a challenge, a challenge I want kind of want to accept.

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Maybe if you’re above FL150 then the restriction goes away since the ceiling is at 15000 feet?

Sorry that I haven’t been here. This has been changed to support at the request of the repliers. Thanks!

Mine still has the red circles

One other thing:
Checking the next day

However, the one around Asia and VNLK is still there.

Anyone missing this restriction too? This is visible on my device.

I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it only shows the restrictions on the in-game map. The map for selecting your start location doesn’t show it.

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