Where is the problem with my account?

Dear Sir
See following photos and tell me what is the problem with my grade i can’t pass grade 4 on the game but I’m grade 5 my account on live flight app
This happened after the last update


Problem: Your violation to landing ratio has to be 5:100 or 1:20. As shown, it is currently 6:100. Basically, you have too many violations.

Solution: Fly more flights, land more landings, violate less to get less violations.

Safe Flights,


I don’t think that’s the problem because he only has 78 Violations to 1382 landings

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Ratio needed: 1/20

Current ratio: 78/1382 simplifies to: 1/17.7

He needs more landings. The greater the denominator, the better the ratio.

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If you look at the bottom, you can clearly see it is the problem :)


Thank you
I will try that for now


Remember this when you are sitting in math class saying “When will I ever use this in the real world”


Sorry, I thought the ratio was supposed to be 1:2 🤔

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1:2 ratio is for grade 3 and overall server access. Grade 4 and 5 move up from there.


Ok, thank you. I’ll remember that next time :)

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I have the Exact same issue and can figure out exactly how many more landings I need for grade 5.

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Well, if my math is correct (which it may not be) this equation should help:
Number of violations • 20 - number of landings = amount of landings needed

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