Where is the most Scenic place you've ever flown?

Love the approach into Boston 32L trawlers docked beside the airport

The Canarsie Approach into KJFK is definitely the most scenic approach I ever had IRL😍

Milford sound and Queenstown

Tahoe is surreal. Either that or anywhere along the California Coast. They both have their perks!


Can definitely relate! I fly every year there

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I agree Tahoe was gorgeous. Like a lake sitting in the mouth of a volcano.

Most likely over Saskatchewan, Canada!


I love Canada, it’s my second favorite country!

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Dali, China. Yunnan province is so beautiful! Hong Kong was a close second.

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Definitely the approach into MMPR. Mountains everywhere. Amazing.

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Probably Denver Colorado. I usually don’t see snow so when I look out the window and see the whole terrain covered in white, it’s amazing 😂

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Mount Kosciusko in the Australian great dividing range, I flew over on my way to Melbourne. It is the most beautiful sight when seen from the wing seat of a 747-400

Definitely my local city, Jakarta. You can see mountains on the north alongside the busy view of Jakarta when you are approaching to my local airport

Maybe the other one is Singapore, as you can see ships on the Singapore Strait alongside some ferry services to Batam (Indonesia) and Johor (Malaysia). With a view of Marina Bay and downtown area of Singapore

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I would say Denver, but I live here, it gets boring after awhile. 😂

Sydney, I saw the harbor where I climed a bridge!

Fly to a island, when ever you may have a chance! YSNB

CYEG ( I don’t fly to scenic places lol)

Approach into KSFO is quite nice,
RKSI is quite interesting as it seems like in the middle of nowhere,
Istanbul is also actually quite nice, especially on a sunny afternoon where the sea and land looks gorgeous from 10K feet,
Singapore is sweet,
But by far…

Descending into Hong Kong on a foggy morning with the hills popping out of the water and fog…it’s just the best.

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For me its the takeoff from puerto vallarta mexico

It’s got to be the departure out of LSZH. The 777 wing and the mountains in the background make the perfect combination!