Where is the most Scenic place you've ever flown?

Hey IFC!

I want to know where is the most scenic place you’ve ever flown in REAL LIFE.
For me its Hawaii, it was a sight to behold!


Zürich definitely. I didn’t see much but I know we passed by the Alps! It was beautiful!

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Hanoi! The mountains in the north of Vietnam are amazing and approach from the other way of Ha Long Bay - breath taking!

A close second is Singapore, sitting on the left as we approached from the south so got to see the whole country.

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That sounds so beautiful, I always wanted to go to Switzerland!

Rockie Mountains just west of Denver!

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Over the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, and Zion national park.

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Another one of my favorites is Decending into Saint Marteen, we got So close to the beach!

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Las Vegas for me… When your descending into beautiful Las Vegas, you get a look at all the lights on the strip


Maybe Denver. We flew from KSAN; the mountains were beautiful!

I’ve Never been to Denver, sounds like fun!

For me it is North Eastern Russia during the winter/spring. The terrain is just covered in Mountains, snow, and beautiful winding rivers. I my most recent flight over this region was on a Hainan 788 ORD-PEK
Not my images, but this is what it was like: (The first pic is on a cloudy day)



Into the burning oil fields in Iraq…


Russia eh? Sounds very Scenic, never thought of Russia while thinking of beauty, but now I realized it!

Alaska is also a jaw dropper. I didn’t fly there, I took a cruise, but I took a seaplane tour in Juneau

I have to say KORD for me because of the lake and the detail of Chicago and then the surrounding farmland. It is that and KSFO with its water detail and varying colors.

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Another one of my Favorites is my Home town airport, KSNA, as it’s about 30 miles south of Los Angeles, you can see the bustling city as you descend!

For me, it’s Hong Kong, the approach over the city is beautiful. You can see the skyscrapers. And/or LAX at night, all the light makes the approach beautiful.


I think Salt Lake City might have been my favorite. Passing the NY skyline whenever approaching LaGarbage is always a sight to see as well!

I also flew to Hawaii the approach into PHNL is 👌
I also remember the approach into PKOA and seeing mount killawaya (I butchered the spelling on that)

Probably the Honolulu approach, we had a rainbow across the mountains, and when we flew there President Obama was visiting and the whole setup of AF1 and the globe masters that carry the limo and stuff were parked in the Apron.

Also flying over the Grand Canyon to LA was pretty cool too.