Where is the House Colours Livery?

With the new Dash, I’ve realised that one of the liveries I was dying to fly was not there. The ‘House Colours’ livery shown in the picture below is different from the one we have in game. Surely I can’t have missed the livery. Where is it?

I’ve also not got that one.

I have the house colors

The one shown in the picture or the ‘retro’ looking one?

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I don’t know.

No that’s a different livery to this.

This livery isn’t there! The bombardier house colours are but the q400 one isn’t :(

Maybe it was a last minute change.

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I have it.

This one isn’t though

If you have it in guessing you have android? Not IOS. If you have IOS and have it than comment that you do

I like the one on matts Instagram . Looks more modern