where is the ground?

I got some problems,network looks good,but can’t see the ground.my device:ipad 6,SYSTEM:IOS11.2.How to fix it?
thanks a lot

I think this is a known issue when your connection drops for a few seconds. Is your connection always strong?

That doesn’t look very nice.

Try to turn on flight mode for 30 secs, then turn it off to re-establish your connection. Might help!


Maybe it could be corrupt files. A re install of IF usually works.

Looks like one of those man made islands off of the South China Sea.


not sure,maybe need running a test

I will try,thanks a lot

Try clearing your RAM, the same thing happened to me a while back and after clearing the RAM and restarting the device it was back to normal.

Try clear your cache. And restart app. :-)

This happened to me while descending into Chicago from London. I just quit, turned off the device and then restarted and went to London again and all was good.

So you’re not heartbroken that your long haul flight is wasted?? Lol

I was more annoyed since I purposely quit 10 minutes out because everything was blurry and there was no point in continuing with the runway not in sight. It was a let down for sure. I’m going to redo that London to Chicago flight tonight though.

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