Where is the Friday Night Flight?


I was just wondering when Mark is going to post this week’s FNF because it’s normally up by now. I not saying Mark isn’t organised, I’m just wondering if it will be very soon or will it be a few hours, because I want to plan where to fly to/from (planning on flying to the FNF location from FACT (Cape Town) but depends on FNF location of course)

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Be patient. Mark will release it eventually.

I am being relatively patient but I am surprised that it hasn’t been posted by now.

BTW Mark I’m not questioning your abilities. You are a great moderator and the FNFs you organise are always great events.

Keep that patience up and you’ll be rewarded.


Also why did Tyler stop people being able to reply to the ATC schedule topic. He deleted it and then reposted it.

What happened there?

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Half of the comments end up being complaints about which countries aren’t included etc so no real need to keep it open. Tyler’s inbox is always open for serious questions.


I’ll check back in 1 hour to see if its here. Otherwise I will probably just flip out.

@Matt_1 fair enough, I got sick of all those endless arguments

No need for that. Be patient. Go and read a book or bake a cheesecake or do something productive instead of “flipping out” that FNF isn’t posted yet :)


Reading a book is probably more sensible.

Nobody makes a cheesecake at 10:00 in the evening ;)

You haven’t seen some of the things I do…


I probably shouldn’t…


Be back in 1 hour

Ewan does many things such as “not controlling.”

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