Where is the fog?

Im parked at lzsh and its supposed to be 200m of visibily and i can’t see fog. Is this a problem?
Im using high graphics

Is your connection fine? Is the dot on the top right green?

I did a flight yesterday on live and it was fogged out and overcast. It looked great.

Not sure whats going on with where you are but it was working yesterday

Yes, im not having any wifi issues. All dots are green

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Ok, can you select “Visibility” from the bottom bar to see what it shows, and also check the METAR again and tell us what it says?

It says 0.20km and the METAR 200m 💀

Ok… weird. So is absouletly clear? Like you can see absouletly fine?

Yea, looks all clear

I see, you may want to wait till a staff comes, but in the meantime you can continue if you would like as it is not a very critical issue and might happen.

Ok, thanks for your help :)

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