Where is the fog?

Hello guys! Does fog are still rendered? I didn’t spotted fog for a loooong time ago when i am on cruise.

I know it’s not winter yet but I am asking this with the fact that i didn’t see the fog on sat imagery for a very long time.

Thx in advance for your answers :)


Fog is still around but only if the weather at the airport includes fog.

Fog only goes up to a certain FL before it won’t render anymore


This pretty much depends on the area you are flying through. I don’t really know and have experienced the same issue you have. All I know, is that Infinite Flight depends on real world METARS that changes every so often per region.

Fog should be visible somewhere. Try flying around nearby mountain ranges more often and hopefully you will see the fog effect along these areas.

There is some right now in the Seattle area. (Im flying there now)

I haven’t seen fog in a while, too. But, I have brought this up in the not-so-distant past with the team, and it is in fact working. I guess you just need to look harder to find it :)

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Fog is very hard to come by at least in my experience. Wish it would render better from higher altitudes because its a bit weird when you fly above a fog layer and it magically disappears and now its clear below you.

Took this picture of the flight I did just now, what I realized is that in the replay the fog was more consistent and it was displayed the complete time. But when I was flying it was disappearing suddenly, surely something developers should improve in the future.


I had a problem seeing fog when my graphic settings were medium or low. If your device can manage high try that. It works for me. By the same token, I haven’t seen much of it in a while too.

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I was talking about this fog, for people that believed it was airport visibility fog

(Pic taken from a @Han196 post)


I’m pretty sure that is an edit

Yeah, I’ve noticed issues with it as well. Spawned at an airport with very low vis. Spawned next door to fly in (practice ILS approaches) and the fog had gone away. METAR still showed heavy fog…

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You most likely never have flown through such fog before. I have experienced this before and this should not be an edit.

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I believe Laura mentioned this some time ago. If it wasn’t her, it was one of the developers. It was definitely during a livestream so either the YouTube one or during one of the recent flight sim conventions.

If I can find the time to search for it, I’ll be sure to link.

I’ve never seen it before. I just guess I have no luck.

I have to admit it’s quite frustrating that I often find landing with clear visibility and a few seconds after touchdown… fog appears.

Quite a lot of fog this morning in the south of the UK

It isn’t edited, it’s real. It usually happens in mountainous regions near the coast (in live). @Key

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Yeah. I just have not been lucky enough to see it.

i love to see these fog

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