Where is the broadcast message entry...

Hi all,
while starting to train atc skills I tried to find the option to broadcast a message to all aircraft to close ground and/or tower as mentioned in the tutorials. But the entry seems to be gone. Is this feature is still available?

And: what is the functon of the reminder on the aircraft menu in atc?

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The Brodcast message is still there. Just click other messages on an aircraft and scroll down. Then you can announce if your closing, ATIS updated, etc. Not sure about Reminders though. Never worked for me and I don’t know if IFATC actually use it.


I use reminders to make sure I don’t forget about aircraft I told to hold their position as a aircraft was passing. I’m sure others have other uses. They work for me, a flashing green box appears and the aircraft flashes green on the map when the timer is up.


You should have broadcast messages for:

  • no pattern work allowed
  • please file a flight plan before requesting taxi
  • ATIS broadcasts
  • closing in 5/2/1 minutes
  • facility closed

There are others. Trying to remember…

So if you didn’t see a broadcast option in the menu there’s something wrong. I suggest you restart the app and you should be ok


Good idea. Helps avoiding duplicate messages from forgotten pilots.

Oh, thanks a lot: I wasn‘t aware to scroll in the menu. Indeed all the missed entries are there :)

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