Where is the best place to do pattern work?

I have taken a break from infinite flight and am now looking to get back up to Grade 3 from Grade 1, so I am wondering, where is the best airport to do pattern work?

Hey mate,

I would personally recommend KDEN as it’s got plenty of runways in all directions. I recommend doing this on the casual server and you go crazy with the patterns.


Okay thank you!

Or Morrabin in Australia

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I’d personally recommend Edwards AFB, in SoCal (KEDW). Lots of very long runways, that you may do touch and goes in no time (if you want to farm landings like me, of course ;) )


If you want to get a lot of landings fast I recommend my home airport of KADS in a Cessna 172


Or if you want to make a IF like symbol while doing patterns try VABB


KEDW has like fifty runways, one of which is crazy long. KDEN, KORD, KDFW, KLAX are also good options that I know of.

As mentioned above, go on casual and just go crazy. Remember the landing criteria:

  1. At least 30 seconds in air between landings

  2. Main gear just touch down (may be that they have to go first, but I think they just have to touch down)

  3. Must land on a runway surface.

Have fun!


Thank you everyone for the tips, I’ll try all of them if I can.

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LLBG is the best for pattern work and its a number 8 formation. You can have landings in under 20 seconds but for you landing to be counted keep it over 30 seconds. Please try it only in Casual server if u want to push for those landings 😏


If you search IFC there’s this thread that tells you how to get a million landings fast (I know, I’m exaggerating, maybe a couple hundred a day), the location is just right for you to hop from one runway to another.

But my fav go to pattern work has always been…


…and a lot of people would agree with me on this…

....another drumroll.....


The sea side approach is just beautiful and easy to see, just like WADD in the island of Bali (my other fav airport but I reserve that for a one hour tropical sight seeing all the way to Java island, short of Sumatra island, where King Kong lives, according to Holywood).


you’ve had plenty of suggestions already but I’d like to share mine

this is my go to strategy when I want to get some landings


I personally love doing patterns at Toluse Blagnac. The parallel runways make it perfect.

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LEPA is my bet, two runways, almost parallel sided to each other, try it out with the Xcub.

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My perfect place is LIMC (Milan Malpensa) with its two parallel runways it is possible to make many landings with 180 degree turns. Plus you get a magnificent view of the Alps!!!

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If u want to back in grade 3. Do some flight. If u do pattern in example 20 landing, you will lost 20 landing too in one day. So the best choice is doing some flight every single day until comeback

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With a C172 Zurich is quite nice. Spawn close to RWY28, takeoff 28 and climb to 100ft AGL, turn right onto 34 and do a touch-and-go, climb to 100ft again, sharp right turn onto 14, tag again, right onto 28 and so on, 3 landings in like 90 seconds. With airliners Singapore is quite cool as you can do not too sharp 180s to the outer runways pretty well (counting in the airbase RWY as well). For this scenario Beijing Capital, Istanbul or any other airport with a similar runway layout would work as well.

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