Where is the ATC schedule?

Where is the ATC schedule? I haven’t seen anything. Should be out by now ? Could be something on Tyler’s side.

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Here it is. Enjoy!

He’s talking about next week

Please be patient. It will be released when it’s released. Besides, it won’t begin until 0600Z tomorrow anyway.

It is taking a while due to the Twitch event taking place right now needing the focus - please be patient with Tyler he will get round to it when possible.

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Yea I know. I just need to start scheduling because it usually takes me 4+ hours to plan everything. ( Not in 1 sitting tho )

I think the best response to this is:

Coming, when its ready

It will be released after the twitch live stream. It has purposely been delayed to after the stream to avoid any conflict. It will come within the next few hours!

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I understand how you feel.

It’ll be released shortly! Our Controllers had a big task ahead of them with our first Infinite Flight Twitch Stream. We wanted all of the focus there and the ATC Schedule will be released momentarily. Enjoy!


i am here wondering how IF is a driving/racing simulator, or a sports game

Screenshot 2021-03-14 183532


Come over to the Casual server, you’ll get that answered right away ;)

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have they started playing sports in CS as well???


Im imagining its a driving/racing game on the taxiways at EGLL CS, people taxiing at 70kts. I understand why it says racing game

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