Where is the AGL sensor on a plane

It would be helpful to know where its located. Is it on the nose of the plane or on the body of it soemwhere or is it on part of the landing gear

And it would help with smoother landings

It’s not part of the landing gear for sure. I don’t know where in the body of the plane it is though.

Please only open a topic in the Support category for problems with the app. Things like this are more of a General category as its unrelated to any app problems. Thanks. :)


Its position is not really relevant and is plane dependant. In any case it is calibrated so that 0 AGL = wheels on the ground.

Hope this helps!

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The Boeing 737 radar altimeter is located on the underside of the fuselage, halfway between the cockpit and wings. It’s calibrated for the distance the main gear is from the ground. I’m fairly certain it’s located in the same position on most commercial aircraft