Where is the Add To Flight Plan button?

I watched this video, which explains how to create a flight plan in Simbrief and then port it over to IF. At about 8:40, the presenter taps on the airport, then on Proc(edure), and Select Departure. From there he ticks on the box next to the departure given by Simbrief, and finally on “Add To Flight Plan”. The first stage of his flight plan then appears on the screen.

When I run the app I don’t have that. There is a button to “Select” the departure, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Normally what I do if I am creating a FPL via simbrief is I will copy the FPL generated and paste it here in the red box circled.

After I’ve selected my SID, paste FPL, and then select a STAR. Does this help you or provide an answer you were looking for? The “add to flight plan button” appears after you’ve pasted the FPL in the box.

This guy right here, correct?


Yes, I think this does clear things up for me.

When you paste in your FPL from Simbrief or a similar source, do you use the entire flight plan, or just the waypoints, adding in the departure, approach, and arrival specs in IF, as AviatorDan does in his Youtube. I’m not clear on why it needs to be done that way, since the net effect appears to be that he’s simply adding back in the details that were omitted from the copy and paste.

Cool! While it does include the SID and STAR in the FPL, I am only copying the waypoints. I will first add the SID (in IF), then FPL, STAR, arrival. As redundant as it May seem, I do this because for me it makes the FPL a bit more complete. And also another reason, if I am flying into or out of a busy airspace and the controllers have the recommended SIDS and STARs outlined in their ATIS, by adding them after the fact, that’s how they will show up. At that point the controllers can see my FPL and procedures I have added to it and know that I have followed their instructions. Not to mention, it also adds some more realism to the flight.

I hope I was able to solve any issues or questions you may have had!

Yep, it worked fine.

I don’t need to worry about the traffic yet; I won’t fly online until I’ve mastered following the FPL and above all landing.

In fact, one of the reasons I particularly want to get comfortable with making FPLs is in order to choose a final waypoint that makes for an easier approach to the runway.


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