Where is my TL2?

Well… Where is my TL2?

I have already written 6 messages or even more under different topics…

Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no exact time you receive TL2, or a way to tell what you can do.

I do emphasise with the fact you are unable to use certain features at this time, however I’m sure contributing the the community in a normal non-excessive manor will get you to the next Trust Level in no time! There’s no need to worry about it and enjoy what the community offers!

Thanks :)


It’s over there →

Nah, just kidding, the trust level requirements on the IFC are different to the Discourse standard.

The requirements for each TL aren’t published, to encourage thoughtful content and prevent farming.


The two replies above answered the question perfectly. Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll get there soon! 😊