Where is “Los Angels Center” located? ATC

Are they located in the tower at LAX or no? I’ve always wondered if they’re there or not. I would assume so considering everyone else is there.


According to Google maps… It’s at the Palmdale regional airport

Similar to Chicago Center which isn’t at O’Hare but about 20-30 miles south in Aurora IL


palmdale is 75 miles or something from of LAX

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Similar deal with Minneapolis Center. It’s in a small town called Farmington, about a half hour from MSP.

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Yep. But their jurisdiction extends all the way to Southwest Utah. Palmdale is somewhat in the center of it

Should be located at Palmdale, Ca aka Plant 42

huh interesting. I would’ve thought it would be close. Not all the way in Palmdale.

I guess you do learn something new every day.

Thanks United!

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