Where is International Drive at Pittsburgh Airport?

Hey IF community, I’m trying my best to find a spot where to watch planes. I know there’s a cargo place to see the departures. Now I know where to spot. On the right side of Ewing Road, There’s Concourse A gates A19-A25. Can someone tell me where International Drive is please?

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Using a handy tool called “Google Earth,” International Drive is located here :)

Good luck on your spotting!


Thanks for the nice comment and information @Kamryn, I hope I can find it soon as I get to Pittsburgh. I’m going to the airport on Saturday by the way!!!

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Ah I see, Yeah, there’s a round-a-bout you can see in the image I sent, you can probably park there and watch traffic on 28R/10L.

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Yeah, I agree. I’m glad there a round about there. Is there a way to see departures on RWY 28R at Pittsburgh International Airport? I would like to find out if there is!!

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Yep, You can use International Drive for that actually by the looks of it. Not sure if you can get 10L arrivals / departures or 28R arrivals with a good angle as the road is slightly below the runway elevation. Seems like it’s good only for 28R departures.

Here’s the official spotter guide for KPIT, I’d recommend taking a look at it as it shows the common places to spot at Pittsburgh.

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I’m glad you can see the planes off of RWY 28R for departures though.

I will check out the plane spotting guide website to see where to spot. The planes come in on RWY 28R for a special occasion where they come in at the same spot. Also here is the place to spot in the airport.

Thank you very much and have a great rest of your day.

If 28R is being used for landings, head up to the Hilton on the hill. It leads to a nice field overlooking the entire airport and definitely one of the better spots.


@ZachN, Thanks for sharing. I know a lot about airplanes. Where is the best spot to watch planes on RWY 28C?

Pittsburgh is a hard airport to spot at, there really isn’t a good spot that covers 28C.(at least that I found) Normally its not used, unless the 10’s are active, then it’s used for departures.

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I’m sorry to hear that Pittsburgh is a hard airport to spot at, is there a good cover spot to see the planes on RWY 10R if they are coming in and taking off at the same location?

Not really a good spot since its surrounded by the parkway.

Oh man. Can you still see the departures from RWY 28R

If you want to catch 28R deps, head to Montour trail the long term parking.

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Where is the montour trail the long term parking?

@Jake_Joseph_Stefko I’ll send you a dm

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@ZachN ok. sounds good

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