Where is infinite flight based?

It seems like they focus mainly on America but they do a lot of stuff based off of London Time, that could be because it is a universal time though


They are based in the SFO Area. GMT Time or ZULU Time is the generic time unit used across aviation.


That is because a good chunk of their customers is from this region.

I would agree with this.

As to where they’re based, IFLLC doesn’t have a physical headquarters. The team works remotely. Laura, however, lives in NY and Paris. So, I guess you could say that the unofficial HQ is one of those places.


The IF team is based in many cities around the globe including team members in France, Sweden and Canada as far as I am aware :)

We’re based on planet Earth :)


I believe Jason is from Ontario, Canada, so the IF devs are from everywhere :)

I believe they had an office at 1521 California Cir in Milpitas, CA but IDK if that is where they are still based


Zulu time, one hour behind GMT

In addition to what replied Laura, I’ll just add this.

You can find that information and many more here: Terms | Infinite Flight

Hope it helped you!

Not SJC? SJC is much closer to the base of IF

Yes yes yes yes yes 🤪


Exacto. Habrá que estar atentos

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This is kind of like a mystery. If they focus on mainly US airports, then…

Puede puede ser la verdad

thought it was based on mars…

I guessed the exoplanet Cybertron… I guess I was wrong…

Most creative answer 💯

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