Where is IFATC going to be on October 20th?

Sunday will be ATC choice anywhere in the world. Any idea which airports will have ATC operate longest?


Find out sunday🤷🏻‍♂️ probably major airports of the world


I would say you could expect the major airports of the world open but probably not EGLL ot KLAX 😉


I’d like to be able to plan my flight accordingly so I land with ATC service… ideally from takeoff to landing.


I’ll be opening up KPIT for most of the day, if that helps


The simple answer is, you don’t know! You will figure this out on Sunday. It’s their choice, so I am not sure where really. 👍

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My list: LPMA, KSNA, somewhere with the penguins in Antartica, Aspen just for Josh, etc.


Most of us IFATC have a resentment for opening EGLL/KLAX/VHHH and similarly large airports on ATC choice day. From some of the discussion in our group I’ve seen, you an expect airports with terrain such as KASE and VPQR, or smaller more interesting airports like Kai Tak, London City, Pyongyang, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.


Keep an eye out for PyongYang, North Korea! (ZKPY) I will be controlling that most of the day


I will definitely try to land there haha

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I’ll probably close my eyes, pan the map, then click on a random airport and open it. Lol, I’m joking.

This ain’t that bad of an idea, actually.

Like Dani said, you can expect people to open airports that are small and interest them in one way or another. Additionally, some may take the chance to open their home airport. Hope this helped you.


I’ll be opening at my favorite airports around the world. I will be avoiding some airports like EGLL, JFK, LAX, etc. I’ll be open at KDEN most of the day


I know people do this for training server but does IFATC also announce their ATC schedule for a specific airport? Maybe that coordination can make things clearer for pilots that want to fly in active airspace.

For normal ATC days yes you will see a clear schedule, but its ATC choice around the world, so you can expect the most unlikely things to be open, without any clear pattern or definition.

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I get what you mean. I meant more like, when we have a day like Sunday and we don’t know exactly where ATC will be, would be great to have an ATC operations plan of some kind. Maybe in some kind of excel file or something. Who will be where, for how long, etc.

It’s the rare occasion where we get to explore places we want to control, for a long time there wasn’t even featured airports. I wanted to open in the Bora Bora region, for example. We probably will decide on a region internally though.


Each IFATC will open frequencies at the nearest airport where they live! Who thinks the same?

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Then you have people who will open JFK and LGA. Fun times.



Usually, we roll a dice. If you wire me $10,000 then I’ll be happy to make someone open a specific location for you.

For the most part, IFATC won’t be deciding on anything specific until the day of. Even then, it’s entirely up to the controller - a rare opportunity to select their own airfield is a welcome respite.


Except KDEN is open Saturday too 🙄, but we all have our opinions.

Not a request, but I’d love (I wish I had a close IFATC friend or myself) EGMD to be open for a short period of time as it is my home airport and i wish the C172 is out by then… because I fly here for my ppl. I believe you can see me flying on my profile. If someone does, please PM me!!!

EDIT: Ok that was kinda a request, but I mean I’m sure you can understand since I learn to fly here…

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