Where is France?

🇫🇷 France is not only what you think 🇫🇷

I think we can all agree that France, is a country located in Europe. While that statement may be true, France is also located in… North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and in some sort, Asia.

Back when France was a Great colonial power, when it lead glorious expeditions all around the World, some guy came across an Island, the Kerguelen Island. 🏔
It has no airstrip on it, and is so remote from everything around, you need a 3 hour flight to get there in Infinite Flight.

We decided to depart from FMEE on Reunion Island, a French island located in the Indian Ocean.

@BorderAviation and I departing FMEE’s runway 12.

After making a low pass across the Eastern coastline of Reunion Island, 500ft above the beaches, we climbed to 31.000ft and made our way South towards the secret Island.

After a 3 and a half hour journey above the cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean, flying at blithering speeds of 670 kts thanks to the crazy tailwind pushing us South, our C-17 reached in no time the breathtaking landscapes of the Kerguelen Island. This is me, banking across the mountain peaks to get aligned with the…runway

This was our…runway, an 8 km long glacier that makes up one of the two suitable places to land a 150 tons C-17.

This is myself parked up on the ground, while Marc was on final.

However our journey was not done, we departed again to the second suitable location to land our beloved C-17…

This shot gives a clearer view of our landing strip.

Because Marc and I both like adrenalin, we flew meters away from the Island’s highest peak and then slid down its glaciers towards the sea.

And this is us, once again !

The last shot for today is my final approach and where we left our C-17s, 800 meter wide valley with abominable crosswind throwing us all over the place.

And that’s a wrap for today’s original TRIPREPORT, there is the possibility that we were the first pilots in IF to ever visit Kerguelen.

It’s actually rather rare to see these landscapes in IF as most of the time they are above or below 60th.

If you have 3 hours in front of you, I’d recommend flying to one of the TAAFs they offer gorgeous and original views !

Requin 1 and Ascot 74 thank you for viewing !


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Amazing I’m going to try that sometime

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Nice shots ! Vraiment joli ;)


I asked this question after World Cup Final but anyway this is an interesting approach to subject. I thought it would be a topic about national team transportation.🆓️🆙️


I’ll send you my FPL if you want! Custom made from GPS coords

Très Très TRÈS beaux clichés!!

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Très Très TRÈS remote island !

Jokes apart, thanks for your kind words!

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If I had elon musks money, I would definitely grab a ticket to this… airstrip

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You’d probably need to be military personel, the only humans on the island are scientists but they travel there by ship, 2-3 weeks trip… The “airstrip” was apparently closed in 1996.

Money does not buy loneliness 😂

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He’s elon musk, he can do anything he wants lmao

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Wow! Cool! I thought France was Baguette Baguette, Are you going to finish that Croissant and Tour Eiffel

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Fr*nce /s

Wonderful shots! I’m glad to see the C-17 getting some love!

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Never even considered landing on a glacier, though i suppose it happens regularly-ish if you consider antarctica one giant glacier. looks like some stunning scenery though

Yes please I’m finally on winter break so it would be amazing to do

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I think that award goes to @Alboma

Regardless, cool topic and pictures!

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