Where is Ayodhya airport?

So in india there is this airport called ayodhya airport in Uttar pradesh,but for some reason it’s not ingame the icao is veay and I want ayodhya airport to dedicate a flight to lord Rama for the new mandir that opened in Ayodhya

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The airport is brand new IRL, so it’s not in the IF database. From my understanding, at this time it’s not been possible to create brand new airports that do not already exist in the game (because of the switch to the current Scenery Editor), meaning unfortunately Ayodhya Airport probably won’t be coming to IF anytime soon.


the airport is in IF but the old one, with the old ICAO.

The old ICAO is VIZD

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The idea is that I will make the airport into 3D and update it


once you get into IFAET

I am in IFAET lol, I alr did VOAT and WIP = VEBN

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Oh, didn’t realize

thank you bhai

Can you do it to Delhi too?

doesn’t work like that, but Delhi is WIP by some other editor.

As a Hindu it will be fire if Ayodhya released tho

Could you explain this further? Are you saying that Infinite Flight has a set database of airports that can’t be altered? That seems a bit impractical.

Just wondering as there’s a new airport in Sydney opening soon and it’d be great to be able to have it in Infinite Flight.

At the moment there isn’t a way to add airports, no. And yes it’s impractical (they have acknowledged that), they will probably have fixed it before the new Sydney airport is done.

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well the airport exists in IF on a different ICAO (old) = VIZD

isnt it possible that you can change the ICAO and update the existing airport into the newer one?

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