Where is Approach taking me?

This is a great post explaining behind the scenes actions by APPR controllers. Once pilots and ATC implement the use of STAR and SIDs then instead of having different controllers route pilots different directions everyone works to the same plan and know where expected holding points are etc.


@David_Lockwood. @Tim_B . MaxSez: I must have missed something along the way,
Don’t recall the mention of the implementation of SID’s/STARS. Holding Points!
It’s been almost a year since that procedure bit the dust. Like ATIS reinstall, out of sight out of mind.

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Flyovers are very much realistic, if I can accommodate them I usually do because like you say, the pilots do seem to appreciate them.

Some real life examples:

  • Non-precision approaches quite often are procedural. Of course if the radar coverage is good, the app controller can vector you to the Final Approach Fix (FAF) and then clear & hand you off to Tower. If however, it’s somewhere where radar facilities are not available, you have to fly the full procedure and constantly update the tower on your current position using radials from the beacon. These procedures normally take you overhead the airfield and then ‘beacon outbound’ before the final turn. A god example of this is the Greek Island of Mikonos, see image below.

  • Some radar controllers use this technique just simply for spacing in a similar way to how we use it on IF, however this is normally dictated by two variables, airspace restrictions, and terrain, the latter of which they have to stick to a Mnimum Radar Chart in terms of altitudes.



Great topic!
guys,trust your fellows controllers To become a OFFICER we have to go through a very hard and long training, and in a very severe test, so have confidence and always follow the instructions , we always have a plan for you

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Thanks for the detailed explanation, @RAH !

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Great post. I really love checking out the flight paths after being vectored by approach

Just because you see the airfield when you’re approaching doesn’t mean you can just turn in and land.


@RAH. MaxSez: Good example of a circling approach (non-percision) plate into Mickonos you provided. Here’s a straight in Jepp’s go which I believe is the choice of the inbound A-320’s etc that take those Bank Holiday Brits to this Island in the sun. Sorry it’s not a complete Plate but you get the idea.
I’m not a fan of a circling approaches for IF trash hauler. Circling is a skilled procedure, I sure would not recommend it for IF in the majority of circumstances since “Precision Approach” “B” are IFATC’s staffed on the main. just Sayin, GA all the way.


Thanks everyone! Added one more bullet for suggestions on dealing with a busy single runway airport.

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