Where IFC and Infinite Flight is Headed (and my opinion)

A question that may pop into the heads of members of the Infinite Flight Community is where is the game headed? Personally, I am not a Dev, Mod, or have any affiliation with the Infinite Flight Company, but I have come ideas of where it could be headed and where the community wants it to go.

As you can see in my Bio, I wanted to take a holiday away from IFC, so I deleted my Profile Pic and changed my bio and left.
For like a week.
However, something was bothering me for a good month before I left. The problem was that we weren’t getting much information about what was coming up.
Jason Roswell was and is still writing some blog articles about the development of IF but we aren’t getting clear info about what was next.

So, what is next?

From the looks of Instagram the IFC we all know that a planned update is coming out. Something that we have all been looking forward to is the Multiplayer Replay function and High Res Screenshots. This is a great addition to the game, by the way, and we do not think that it is a waste of time.

A sad thing about this update however is the lack of additional plane updates, and no, I am not complaining, and yes I know it takes time to build a new plane.
But I’m just disappointed.

The Future of IF

Back in the day of Pre Global Update, let me remind y’all here of what is was like, but there was hype every week of what was coming. We knew what was coming, but we really didn’t. We had no idea of what exactly was coming, only that it was global, and it had better graphics. Yay! But nowadays, we all know what its like now, but I’ll still remind y’all here we don’t have a clue of what is coming, we don’t know if something big is in development or if there is an A350 around the corner, or a 3D Buildings implementation in 2020, but we do know that clouds aren’t coming because our iPads are trash. I’m not complaining (I am), but we all have to remind ourselves that FDS is making something, maybe something big, or small, but its an update.

I have to remind myself at this point that people may not be reading still, so…yeah.
But the main point of this topic is for information, I don’t care if it’s indirect, big small, direct or you just cannot give any information away but just a tad of what is coming up. I think we need this info to stay interested in IF. Yes, Global came out 1.5 years ago but we need something for us to look forward to, maybe a sneak peek into development. But something.

This topic has been turned into a personal opinion of what I want, but what do you guys want to know? Do you hat me for saying this, do believe in what I’m saying, do you understand? Please tell me truthfully of what you guys think of me.


Btw, i will get annoyed if you tell me to correct a spelling mistake or to change something small, but tell me to change the category if it’s wrong!


I can see what you’re thinking here however there is a couple reasons why they cant hype up anything.

  1. If they hype something up to early the constant comments of when will it be released.
  2. It restraints the time limit they have to work on it. A problem previously was hyping up a update which took longer than expected to come out which made people nag and angry.
  3. The Devs have no idea how long things will take to make and design. Every plane is different and every feature is different so things tend to take longer than expected. Not only that they could do something then have to change it because of a newer update offering somethinf better.
  4. The devs are only a small team of people who do have other things to do in their lives and some times unexpected things can happen where they have to stop working.

If you look on infinite flights blog there is already and plan and explination on where infinite flight is heading. But for now it’s just best to wait and let them do their thing. Be grateful for what we have at this moment. Dont forget they have said their will be 2 completely new planes this year and a third next year featuring some extremely detailed and cool new features. They have already hinted at new night time things coming soon.


Can’t click on your “here” text on mobile-I think cause you blurred it. But otherwise it’s a great topic. IF is definitely heading in the right direction, we the users have a modicum of input on things where Laura/Jason etc listen and implement as much as possible without running the development train off the proverbial tracks. When something is wrong, they move to correct it within reason-while still working on their Vision of updates. I can’t wait for 19.1! Replay coupled with IFOps (can’t forget about the third party community!) is going to help virtualBlue pilots really nail landings and procedures down. Three (presumably) new aircraft in the works, an initial update to the A330 physics package with some liveries (still hoping for a full rework/addition of the pax -200 that will be the plane to blow everything out of the sky) and likely 4 or 5 more updates this year. I never thought when my old flight sim PC blanked the proverbial bed that I’d be able to take a mobile device and fly BOS-LHR or JFK-FLL! Whatever is coming, we’ll likely enjoy it. Meanwhile-if a feature you want isn’t in this update-patience and faith in the devs is the best thing to keep having. They haven’t disappointed me quite yet.


I may be in the minority but I don’t really need constant status updates to stay interested. It’s nice to know what’s coming but the product is already good now, and I’m sure the staff want some kind of level of shock factor whenever they release the new update. I think lately they have been doing an awesome job of communicating what their intentions are for future updates.

To anyone that needs new updates to stay interested, try learning something new then apply it to Infinite Flight.


@dylonez My biggest rebuttal to this post is that the team communicates things now more than ever. They added Jason and Misha to provide more social media coverage among other responsibilities. Jason is also blogging things to delve into the techy side of development. Misha was brought on to not only assist Jason but to bring his creativeness and energy to community Flights and streamlining discourse here in the community. Sebastian was added to enhance support for the app. The addition of Jason, Misha and Sebastian has allowed the devs to focus more on development and the transparency is better than ever. I’ve said probably a dozen times during my 2+ years of being apart of IFC, the Infinite Flight team is a young, motivated, dedicated and hardworking team from the coding side to social media to support and everything in between. That in turn leads to a bright future while focusing on the now as well. I don’t believe we’ve seen the limits of what they can accomplish and deliver to their user base. This app is able to flourish all while being compatible with 4-5 year old devices and hardware which is a monumental task in itself. They communicate with the user base on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter plus they have this here community. Bottom line, communication between them and us has improved immensely and to me they seem like a more efficient group.


If there’s one thing that is Infinite Flight (they did change their name from FDS a while ago) does, it’s to try and include as many devices as possible to maximize the amount of players to the game, including low-enders. So yeah, they don’t want them complaining about crashes and stuff. And they do listen to what comes out of the #features section. The A330 is getting some attention after a long time, there’s a TAM 777 for Brasil (who was indeed waiting for a good gift from the devs), you name the thing, chances are they may already be working on it.


I’ve been here since 2015. I’d say the devs are 10 times more transparent about what’s being worked on now.


I feel like they are doing a good job, just give them time because believe me what they do isn’t a piece of cake.

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The only thing that bothers me is the waiting process. I think a lot of pilots and atc can relate with me on that. We all want 3D Buildings and moving ground veichles and a reworked A330,757,767 and all sorts of other good stuff the only problem is that we just can’t wait. We can’t accept the fact that it takes months to develop all these features. And I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of getting tired of waiting but you know what you gotta give the devs credit they have created a great game that we all enjoy playing and they are trying there best. But I can say I do agree with you and I see where you are coming from. But hey ! Is it annoying waiting for months just to get a General aviation aircraft or military aircraft when the majority of player fly Airliners ? Hell yeah. The thing about not being able to wait is that updates that take 3 months feel like years and the small little sneak peak updates that happen about every two weeks feel like months. So I agree with you when you said you feel like the devs take months to give us information about updates but I feel like some of us Like me that complain about updates and what not just need patience. But I do have to say that maybe a roadmap would be good for the devs to share that would let us know what is going on this year but hey… patience is key which is something I need to practice when it comes to this game.

P.S sorry for the little rant I went on I usually never comment this much lol but I hope you see where I’m coming from.

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The thing about it is, we need to give them time to give us these updates you want, most of us here use iPads and you probably don’t want your iPad crashing while you’re seeing 3D buildings so they definitely need time

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I’ll chime in :)

First, I’m genuinely confused by the OP’s thoughts on this. I think our team (as is one of my primary goals here) is working in the right direction in terms of keep you all in the loop. We choose to keep a lid on some things when we’re not quite sure how to or when to communicate it, simply because it would take more time to do damage control later if it didn’t pan out.

I’ll disagree here ;) We don’t all want 3D buildings and vehicles moving around. First, We’ve clearly shared that we can’t do these things yet on mobile devices in addition to multiplayer and global flight (without crashing ALL of your devices or lowering the quality to something you wouldn’t put up with). Also, aside from airplanes, none of the things you want have anything to do with flying the airplane. Sure, it increases the realism of your pre and post-flight experience but it’s not something we should be doing if it takes away from the flying experience. This, to me is common sense.

Cloud and building blog post coming up when I have some time to finish it up.



I remember the days before live. When live multiplayer was released on a mobile sim, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Then came formal ATC, an improved user interface, additional airframes, and in time, global. The app we use today is light years ahead of where it was back in, say, 2012.

Evolution of the sim experience is sequential; it comes in steps. Each step has proven to be a materially better user experience. Further, improvements are time and capital intensive. As such, so long as you enjoy the app, keep paying the subscription and being patient. The IF team communicates effectively. They can’t say “our goal is live weather by September 2019” because that will cause infinitely more consternation by users in the community if the goal isn’t attained by that date. I’m sure that IF team has internal goals and desired timeframes for deployment.

I look forward to where we’ll be at year-end 2019, 2020, and so on.


I wasn’t implying that I want that in the game such as 3D buildings and moving veichles what I’m trying to say is that I see a lot of people commenting stuff like that in Instagram posts and in topics on the community and I’m trying to say that we need to have patience. Am I saying we need this… no because it probably will make the game run very slow and it might be impossible I was just trying to tell people who are always requesting and demanding features to have patience. Maybe I could of worded that a little better

Once again I was not requesting these features I was just trying to make a example and I agree with what you said

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My thoughts on this are pretty simple -

I am greatful to have such an amazing game in the palm of my hands, literally. I think it’s incredible, and mind blowing, that something like this is even possible. With every update, I am thankful for whatever improvements or additions were made. I couldn’t ask for more - an amazing product that continues to grow.

And as far as communication - a member of the staff just replied to this thread. Do I need to say more?


Absolutely, and I don’t doubt Jason, Misha or Sebastian’s abilities. I never made this topic to pull anyone down, I have always thought that they do their job amazingly! Just want to make it clear that I am not a not annoyed with any person, just giving my opinion of where the app is headed. Thanks

Thanks for your insight! However, I do want to clear up your confusion. I made this topic to see where Infinite Flight May be headed, until my opinion took over. Please overlook my opinion! But I still am trying to see what the community thinks will happen in 5 years from now, or 10? Are we still here as a community? Or are we closer to a PC platformed game? I just wanted to see what people thought. I was never trying to undermine the FDS company, just see what they want to see in the future. Thanks

That’s were me any probably many other people are thinking about. I’m of course not sure about this, but let’s assume there are 4000 people with an year subscription. IF would earn 340.000 euro’s per year then, that’s 28000 euros (31400 US Dollars). What would they do with so much money?? Servers are expensive, but not so expensive! How could they have survived otherwise when it was only 55 euros or so per year?

It is called marketing…


What marketing? They only post things on Instagram sometimes