Where I can vote for the airplanes rework?

I follow infinite flight on Instagram and a lot of ppl requires airplanes rework, all they say is that we have a forum for that, I been searching here but I have no idea where I can do that ?? This forum is so confuse to me. Thanks in advance!


Hey! We have a section called #features where you can vote on reworks and other features. If you want to know more about #features you can learn here: About the Features Category
Also to get to know the forum and community you can read this:A Beginners Guide to the Forum


Here are the steps you need to follow in order to find the forum:

  1. Go to your kitchen.
  2. Open any drawer you can find.
  3. Get your phone and watch the website you’re already on. There is a category called #features where you can find what you’re looking for.
  4. Sing “We Are The World” from Michael Jackson.
  5. Close the drawer again.
  6. Only do step 3.

Oh and yes, the link that was provided earlier, I’d read that to. Great info material:

And now: Welcome to this little place in the big world wide web. It’s a great community, you’ll enjoy it.


I like this because it really is a confusing forum

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You could also just go to the search bar, and type in the specific aircraft you want to vote for. For instance if you type in “a330 rework” it’s the very first topic.

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