Where have some older liveries gone?

So I’ve just watched some older IF videos and I noticed that there were some older liveries that I’ve never seen (this included a DHL 757 and a Factory A330. Now my question is: where did these liveries go? Do you have a special way to get them, or have they been deleted?
I’ve you have any answers, I would love to hear those!

Kind regards, Serein

The 757F has not been added to the reworked -200 variant. As for the factory livery, I’m not too sure what happened to that.

As the B757 and A330 received reworks, these liveries were removed to make space for other liveries or was removed due to it not being feasible to add.

In the case of the DHL B757, the livery was removed as there was only an intention to add the B757-200 for passengers, and in the A330, the Factory livery was moved to the A330-900neo where the Airbus livery is featured instead.

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Thanks, would love to see them back but at least I know where they have gone now!

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