Where has the USCG parking bay at LAX gone?

Firstly, to clarify, the parking bay is actually physically there (that is, in the same location as it was at KLAX before the update - However I think it might have been moved to a slightly new position altogether in the ‘remodeling’), so you can still ‘taxi’ there and, well, park. BUT, it is not listed in the spawn parking location option in the main menu. I am wondering if it has been ‘renamed’ if so to what? Or if it is, as I suspect, completely missing and if so, why? I loved that parking bay.

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I haven’t got the update yet - a few people have been saying that the spawn locations are different / missing / labeled differently! I’m already annoyed and I haven’t even experienced it for myself yet

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There seem to have been some mistakes to KLAX that we noticed slipped through. We will be looking at those more closely.

Once we fix it we can update those without the need for a new update.

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While I’m here, Is it possible to get maps of all these parking bays and locations? It is kind of boring having to spawn in every bay to find which one is what and where exactly. EG:

OR …


I made this a couple of hours ago that addresses some of the problems said in here

great, That sound good

good points. I did try and search for previous posts but couldn’t find yours. Sorry about that.


@Snarling_Raven where did you get that second (LAX movement map) from?

Apparently this is only for helicopters?


No worries. Key words sometimes don’t come up…

Yes it is mostly for helo’s, but they do occasionaly house small S&R craft and other aircrat

I got it from

There are quite a few plates and plate like sheets available on the web

Im on the train now, but I’ll post some pics later. While I’m at it, any chance of getting coast guard liveries? Or how about a better globe master?

That’s not up to me or the airport editing team unfortunately. The actual developers make plane liveries.

@Snarling_Raven thanks. Yep I use all the real world plates from the web, just hadn’t seen that specific LAX one before

No probs. Yeah, I like that one myself. I dont think its an official plate though.

Fair enoigh, doesnt hurt to wish though, huh?

Of course it doesn’t :)