Where has the Mach loop gone?

It used to be … where it was supposed to be, and it seems to have been removed? anyone notice?

Let’s start with, what exactly was the Mach loop?

Those pesky Welsh, they removed an entire section of terrain from the map!

Looks like it’s still there. There are some waypoints in the area, but other than that it’s the same as always…

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The Mach loop is a training ground in England for military aircraft to use. Really cool photos. It is similar to star wars canyon/ rainbow canyon in Death Valley in the United States.


I’m pretty sure he knows that, what he’s likely getting at is that the Mach Loop is just terrain, not a game asset. It can’t be removed.

yes it is terrain and it has been removed… i know because i became quite proficient at looping around it… guess being a fighter pilot and doing fighter pilot things is being frowned upon


What exactly do you mean by removed? Is it just flat land? Is it unloadable?


a place where you go to learn to fly by the seat of your pants, it was rendered quite well and was popular back when it was popular to fly jets instead of busses! guess nobody here would know anything about that


thats what i would like to know… there used to be waypoints and the terrain to match it… its gone

its just generic looking land now, a few new airfields scattered about where it used to be located

What do you mean by Generic looking land? Is it just flat without mountains now?

It is also possible that latest 3D satellite imagery in game was unable to capture the mountains.

Interesting! I don’t do a whole lot of local flying around the UK in the sim, I mainly just fly in and out of EGLL on commercial flights. I wonder what happened to it?

The nearest airfield is Llanbedr Airport (EGFD). This was formerly EGOD when it was an RAF base.

It does appear that the majority of the waypoints have in fact disappeared, but the actual terrain is still in the sim. Likely a result of a recent navigation update

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I just checked the area out. Granted, I don’t exactly know which valleys are the correct ones but looking at this reference image from @David_Beckett:

It seems like the waypoints in the area named ML000 to ML460 follow the loop drawn pretty exactly. I flew a lap and it seems like the terrain is still quite high in the area. Do you have any photos of what it was like before?

I don’t have those waypoints… And yes I’m on 24.1


My phone was on the previous update, the waypoints are gone in 24.1. The terrain, however, is still there.

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those waypoints are not there anymore

and yes that was the mach loop!

Those Waypoints where once (upon a time) made for an event.
It was only a question of when not about if they were removed.
Most likely they were skipped with the latest navigation data update.

Back then we hadn’t the option to load flightplans from external, those days you could make your own Mach Loop flight plan.

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EGOD 5242N/0350W 5240N/0352W 5338N/0350W 5237N/0346W 5239N/0342W 5242N/0341W 5244N/0344W 5242N/0350W

Here you go