Where has everyone gone?

Sunday night and not one SINGLE member of IFATC on line…well controlling anyway! Night off ?


Tommorow is Monday…


Church, family… flying through mountainous regions… low flying coast line… who knows


Everyone in IFATC except @AR_AR and @JoshFly8 likes to pretend they have a life so we don’t control 24/7.


The most active atc are trying to relax and finally have some fun flying or doing other things. The 250 other IFATC are AWOL as usual.


That’s what a thought @AR_AR! I normally see the same names controlling, and big thank you to those guys! But this is first time not ONE controller was on line over the 300+ who are possibly available…


BUUUMMP! Exactly right.

All on strike. Still waiting for first pay check


MaxSez: Nothin unusual here, see the archived Topic “Air Space Cumulative”.
Believe the 250 IFATC number noted by @AR_AR is a figment of imagination and flawed PR. Just Sayin!


90 plus session at EGLL full of nimrods today so yea

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No money no honey.


This happens sometimes…
Very soon after your screenshot I opened KSAN in SoCal

Right this minute Expert is ATC-quiet again.

See ya this week some time!

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Ahhh, so u were the approch, nice job man

I wasn’t aware there was a ATC union on Infinite Flight ?haha

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Whoever is doing tower at ksan right now isn’t doing a great job.
I was doing a long flight so I tune in to tower and get cleared to land. Meters away from touchdown I see another plane getting ready to takeoff so I go around. Then when I get cleared to land again tower tell another pilot he’s clear to takeoff . so I have to go around again. But i be had enough with him so I’m heading to San clemente


Was this on the training server or expert server ?

Right now in ts1

Yeah , unfortunately there is nothing you can do when its on the training server. There are some really good controllers on TS1 and some really bad ones , but i admire your actions of going around instead of landing on the runway even thou there was a aircraft on the runway !

that was @GHamsz he was tower i believe

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@GHamsz, if it was you on TS1 that was controlling at KSAN , then you’re on @Battlefield_Inhd naughty list for christmas !