Where does everyone fly to??

I guarantee you that, if you takeoff from an airport in europe, there will be at least 7 planes in the virtual sky that departed Heathrow!
So it got me thinking; what are all your favourite LHR based routes to fly in IF?? Mine has to be Heathrow - Milan (Alitalia)

Also the other favourite route topics were closed so I dont think this is a duplicate…


Noticed im doing 349kts at fl246 😬

I’d highly recommend the 14,498km 17 hour Heathrow - Perth flight.
It’s definitely one of my favourites flights to do and you get to fly the stunning Qantas 789 Dreamliner!

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I like Heathrow - Innsbruck with British A320. The approach into Innsbruck is amazing.

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I have to agree with that, requires a lot of time planning lol

My iPad air cant run for that long 😂😂🙄

mine would be mostly in Australia iv flowen YSSY-YMML more.

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Exists multiple topics about this already.