Where do you want ATC to open?

Sam Francisco is underrated IMHO. You got three large airports with KSFO and KSJC and KOAK


Correct, but they’re all squeezed onto one not quite spacey piece of land. KSFO - KOAK takes about 5 minutes KSFO - KSJC maybe 7. An expansion to Sacramento would be a banger, but let’s stay on-topic


Absolutely, too much of London controlling I admit. They just wont change regions. The newbies fight for EGLC (most wanted Delta). They just open EGLC when everyone is on other regions. Therefore the cycle follows.


Denver is a great place !

Yeah I don’t understand why nobody ever goes there.

I want ATC to open the door😏

Atleast we don’t have the floating point bug when arriving at another airport :)

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