Where do you spend your time?

  • I spend more time playing IF
  • I spend more time on the community

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Just curious;)
For me it’s the community.


I think I’m pretty even. I constantly check the community but I do long flights. I also control quite a bit.


I usually go more on the community and make short flights during the weekdays. But in reality most of my time is in school :D


I get paid for my time. I don’t spend it 😜

Community for me. By a cats whisker.

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I get paid too, in experience and knowledge xD


Since I’m not allowed to play games on weekdays, I just browse the community.

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Both of those are priceless 👍🏽

Im not allowed to play on weekdays too. I take off when I reach near my school, then autopilot while walking, then I land just before I reach. Remaining in the pattern, of course.

I’m in between. Maybe add a in between part

For me I am on the Community wayyy too much, I should fly sometimes as well.

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Oh on IF! I thought you were talking about IRL I was like, thats non of you business!

But yah, community!

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Both for me.

I spend hours flying on IF and the longest time I’ve been on the community is 20 minutes or more

I usually leave it open on one monitor while a do other things on the other monitor, so I do spend lost more time on the forums

Let’s see…

I’ve spent 32 days on the forum and 477 hours on Live (probably more if I counted in Solo).

32 days = 768 hours.

Yeah, looks like I spend most of my time on the forum (what a surprise).


I usually spend more time between them check community and make flight . And sometimes even doing atc.

I almost never play IF live. Only solo, really. But I’m on the community often.

I play live mostly on weekends. Interact with community daily.

I have a feeling this may change once global comes out, lol.

For me its none of them

I somehow end up spending more time on the community than IF itself! I want to try to focus on playing more IF than the community! Although I love the community!